The purpose of this retreat is to explore yoga and meditation amongst the overlapping cultures of the Indian Himalaya.

Seeking an alternative to westernised and often co-opted 'yoga culture' , we went back to the source of it all.

This video is a short view of a journey undertaken in 2023. The tenth anniversary of my retreats journeys in this region.

The Buddhist and Hindu mountain Communities are peaceful Dharma cousins still living this ancient wisdom uncovered by Sages and masters long ago
. Their day to day lives are an expression of a great "Inner Revolution" (to quote Robert Thurman) which is moving humanity toward its true potential, liberty, and true happiness.

It's a training, a walking adventure and a pilgrimage of sorts. We blend inner work, and meditation with outward work. Practice both indoors and outdoors as has always been the way of the yoga tradition.

Much Gratitude to our wonderful hosts. To our guide Ramsingh Takur - of  @Challo_himalaya_adventure_tours and to Rick Wall the award winning film maker who filmed and editted this piece @Rickwall is currently working on a longer documentary.

There will be more to come as we explore the theme further and we will be heading back there in October 2024.

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